Keep Your Business Pest-Free

Keep Your Business Pest-Free

Find commercial pest control services in the Milford & Brighton, MI area

A pest invasion is bad for business. If you need to get rid of an insect or rodent problem at your workplace, look to Pest EZ. Our expert team provides commercial pest control services in Milford & Brighton, MI and surrounding areas.

Our crew can remove the pests at your:

  • Apartment complex
  • Chemical plant
  • Storage unit
  • Gas station
  • Strip mall
  • Pet store
  • Church
  • School

Call 734-394-7593 today to arrange for commercial pest control services.

Get rid of bed bugs fast

If your rental property has a bed bug problem, you need to act quickly. Bed bugs spread rapidly and can be almost impossible to eradicate without professional help. Rely on Pest EZ when you need commercial bed bug control services.

Our exterminators use specialized equipment to safely kill the bed bugs around your property. Contact us today to get commercial bed bug control services in the Milford & Brighton, MI area.